EFESA is owner of Los Llanos Solar Park with a 20 MW capacity and a growth projection of 30 MW. The plant is located in the intersection between RN (Acronym for National Route) 79 and RP (Acronym for Provincial Route) 25; 6 km from the intersection between National Route 79 and National Route 38, in the Province of La Rioja, Argentina.

Our Origin

In October 2015, Law 27,191 declared electricity production coming from renewable sources of energy of national interest. The law stated that 8% of the electricity consumed at a national level had to be generated by renewable sources by the year 2018, with the commitment that it will increase to 20% by 2025. In 2017 we decided to contribute to and get involved in fulfilling the goal set by the Argentine Republic and we designed Los Llanos Park project.
In 2018 we started building the first stage of the solar park, which also implied the readjustment and extension of substation ET Chamical, property of Trasnoa, and the net installation between this and Los Llanos Park in 33 Kw and 6.5 km. In February 2019, we obtained the commercial license and started operating and managing our first 12 MW.
During 2019, we moved forward with the work of the 8 MW second stage, which is running since January 2020.

We are currently working in the stages that are left to complete our 30 MW Installed Capacity goal.

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EFESA obtained its certification as B Corporation.

B corporations are those who use market power to grant specific solutions to social and environmental problems. They work under social, environmental and transparency high standards and due to their bylaws, they make corporate decisions that are legally binding, taking into account not only the financial interests of their shareholders, but also other long term interests such as the ones of employees, suppliers and clients, the community to which they belong and the environment.

A B Corporation differs from the rest of the organizations because they are innovative models that pursue the Triple Impact: economic, social and environmental.

EFESA has achieved certification to ISO 14001:2015 for its environmental management system.

The purpose of this International Standard is to provide organizations with a reference framework to protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions, in balance with socioeconomic needs, adding value not only to the environment, but to the organization itself and its concerned parties.

Efesa obtained the GOLD STANDARD certification for its project Los Llanos Park.

Obtaining the Gold Standard certification is a great result for EFESA and for Argentina, a reward for their commitment with sustainable development. Los Llanos park shows that it’s possible to supply a whole region with energy without emitting GHG, contributing to the economic and social development of the region and the country.

Gold Standard is a very meticulous and prestigious voluntary and independent mechanism of validation that has a very particular approach towards the creation and report of collateral benefits, like improvements in employment and in the health for local communities, together with the reduction of emissions of its projects.



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