EFESA is a corporation that specializes in generating photovoltaic solar energy.

Our Mission

Contributing to the transformation of Argentina’s energy mix through the generation of clean energy. We believe in comprehensive esteem for everything we do, accepting the challenge of fostering economic development, and taking both the social and environmental impact into account.

Our commitment to the sustainable development of the country and the region drives us to contribute to the generation of renewable energy.

Our principles


Environmental Policy

Environmental policy of Federal Corporation of Energy Inc. (PL-GA-01)

All our activities related to the generation of photovoltaic electrical energy of solar origin comply with the requirements established in the international standards of the Environmental Management System; consequently, we base our environmental policy in the following foundations:

  • Keep the compromise to protect the environment and prevent pollution, contributing to the mitigation of weather change.
  • Comply with the legal requirements, and with other requirements, that EFESA (an acronym for Federal Corporation of Energy) subscribes to.
  • Make rational and responsible use of the resources in all our processes, under the premise of recycling, reutilizing, and reducing.
  • Create solid relationships with those Suppliers who are committed to taking care of the environment.
  • Develop a process of continuous improvement of the environmental management through internal training and awareness, as well as acts of control, evaluation, and feedback of GHS and its context.
This Policy is part of one of the main strategic guidelines of Federal Corporation of Energy Inc. (EFESA), and in consequence, we assure its spreading, comprehension, and compliance to our collaborators and its availability before interested parties.

General Management – Maria Toro