In EFESA, we work to get adequate management of our suppliers’ information.
For this, we established a method through which the acquisition of goods and/or hiring of services are managed, which allows us to register EFESA’s commercial relations at the appropriate time and in a trustworthy and efficient way.

We, therefore, look for suppliers that comply with the general guidelines outlined in the Corporation’s Environmental Policy (PLA-GA-01 Rev.1) and with the conditions established in the Critical Suppliers Evaluation Procedure (PR-CO-01) when there are suppliers that perform activities and/or provide services that could cause significant impact on the environment. For example, pest control services or the use of toxic substances, transportation, treatment, final waste disposal, and equipment maintenance services, among others.

Those suppliers whose rendering of services is connected with complying with legal and/or regulatory requirements are also taken into account.

For this, your commitment is important to comply with:

To register and admission as a Supplier in our system, please send us the following form to as an attachment, complete and signed, along with the certificates requested therein.